Why choose KONE UltraRope for high-rise buildings?


Ultra-light rope with carbon fiber core surrounded by high-friction coating.


Carbon fiber has excellent strength properties. The coating is highly resistant to wear and abrasion.


Less sensitive to building sway frequencies that can cause elevator downtime during high winds.


img_Innovations_ultrarope innovation

KONE UltraRope® hoisting technology

The latest in a long line of technological breakthroughs, KONE UltraRope® sets a new benchmark for high-rise buildings. The super-light KONE UltraRope technology provides unrivalled elevator eco-efficiency, reliability and durability, while also improving elevator performance. It eliminates the disadvantages of existing steel ropes – high energy consumption, rope stretch, large moving masses, and downtime caused by building sway. KONE UltraRope can enable future elevator travel heights up to 1,000 meters.

Winning with customers

img_High-rise_Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower

The revolutionary new elevator rope technology will enable a 660 meters elevator rise in world’s tallest building to be, in Saudi-Arabia.


Marina Bay Sands

The first KONE UltraRope installed in a public building boosts the customer experience in Marine Bay Sands luxury resort, in Singapore.


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