KONE Monitoring Solutions | Remote Elevator Monitoring

Product information


With KONE E-Link™ you can monitor all your elevators and escalators from a single location. It gives you a real-time overview of equipment status, demand, traffic performance, and availability.

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  • Comprehensive monitoring of elevator and escalator operation
  • Easy remote configuration and management of equipment
  • A wide range of operational data in real time
  • Improved security and control through replay and analysis of significant events, plus the ability to change elevator modes and lock elevators remotely.


  • KONE E-Link™ Monitoring: extended view to monitor the status of all equipment on one screen
  • KONE E-Link™ Reporting: a comprehensive set of reports on elevator performance (e.g. number of elevator calls per floor), destination control system performance (waiting times and time to destination), alarms etc.