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Widest range of elevators and escalators with ISO 25745 A-class and A+++ ratings

The global standard for energy calculation and classification of elevators and escalators - ISO 25745 - was published in March 2015. It defines the energy efficiency classes and uses A-class for elevators and A+++ for escalators as the best rating level.

KONE has a long history of improving energy-efficiency of its solutions and was the first company to announce the A-class energy efficiency classification according to ISO 25745 for its customer reference cases. We use innovative and eco-efficient technologies, such as regenerative drives, standby solutions and LED lighting to drastically reduce the energy consumption of our equipment.

Below are some of our ISO 25745 references. The measurements have been conducted in customer reference locations, and the ratings have been granted by an external third party.


AreaModel NameElevator typeOperating days/ yearUsage categoryDate of evaluationLoad kgSpeed m/sBuilding typeEnergy efficiency classInspection Body
ASIAKONE E MonoSpace® DXtraction3654Dec 21, 202010001.75ResidentialATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE 3000 Transys™ DXtraction365
4Dec 21, 202020001Shopping centerATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE MiniSpace™ DXtraction365
4May 13, 202116004OfficeATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE N MiniSpace™ DXtraction365
4May 13, 202113502.5ResidentialATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE N MiniSpace™ R DXtraction365
4Dec 12, 202010002ResidentialATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE N MonoSpace® DXtraction3654Dec 21, 202111501.75OfficeATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE S MonoSpace® DXtraction365
4Oct 22, 202118002.5HospitalATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE Z MiniSpace™ DXtraction3654Dec 28, 202010002ResidentialATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE E MiniSpace™traction3654Feb 13, 201510002ResidentialATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAKONE MiniSpace™traction3656Sep 15, 2020225010OfficeATUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
EUROPEMonoSpace® 500traction3652Nov 20, 20146301ResidentialAInspecta
EUROPEMonoSpace®700traction3603Nov 21, 201912751.6UniversityAInspecta
EUROPEKONE TranSys™traction3602Dec 19, 201925001OfficeAInspecta
EUROPEMiniSpace™traction3604Nov 18, 201412004HotelAInspecta

KONE MiniSpace DX and KONE MiniSpace have also obtained China Mark A+++ energy efficiency class highest ratings


AreaModel TypeModel NameRise mInclination°Step width mmSpeed m/sDate of evaluationBuilding typeEnergy efficiency classInspection Body
ASIAEscalatorTravelMaster™ 1104.5308000.5Nov 13, 2019Commercial buildingA+++
TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTravelMaster™ 110S5
3010000.5Oct 27, 2020Commercial buildingA+++
TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTravelMaster™ 110T6
3510000.5Aug 3, 2020Commercial buildingA+++
TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTransitMaster™ 1205.67
3010000.65Apr 21, 2020Public transportationA+++TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTransitMaster™ 1406.85
3010000.65Jul 20, 2020Public transportationA+++TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTransitMaster™ 140T7.93010000.5Jun 24, 2020Public transportationA+++TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAEscalatorTransitMaster™ 1805.83010000.65Nov 7, 2019Public transportationA+TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAMoving walk
TransitMaster™ 16540(Length)
Mar 27, 2020Public transportationA+++TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd
ASIAMoving walkTravelMaster™ 1153.51210000.5
Apr 20, 2021Commercial building
A+++TUV Rheinland (China) Ltd

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